THEATRE productions about how the policies of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in the 1980s are still relevant today will be staged in the region later this week.

The two shows on the same theme will be shown as a double bill at The Arc in Stockton on Thursday, June 5.

The first, called Recalibrate, tells the story of two girls living in the 1980s, one on Tyneside under Margaret Thatcher and one in the USA under Ronald Reagan.

The second, more visual, artistic show, is called Margaret’s Anatomy. The idea is to present the show in the format of a medical textbook to explore how much the average British citizen has become influenced by the period.

Artist Claire Murphy Morgan, author of Margaret’s Anatomy, said: “I grew up with Margaret Thatcher and the policies and principles that shaped subsequent governments since hers. I want to examine how much I have become a living, breathing embodiment of what Margaret Thatcher stood for, and how much we are all still shaped by Thatcherite ideals.”

The shows start at 8pm on Thursday, June 5 and tickets cost £8.50 (£6.50 concessions). Call The Arc on 01642 525199 or log on to