A SCULPTURE is set for a makeover by being ‘jewellery bombed’ by artistic youngsters.

The iconic Bottle of Notes in Middlesbrough will be accessorised to celebrate the opening of the new jewellery gallery at nearby Mima gallery of modern art this autumn.

Children visiting the exhibitions this half-term designed jewellery with ‘make-do-and-mend’ craft materials which will be used to embellish local landmarks.

Mima education officer, Erin Rolfe, said: "We had a great time making all types of jewellery from a range of weird and wonderful recycled materials including a giant necklaces and bracelets made from cardboard, ribbon and sticky tape.

“All of the families were thinking about jewellery and are looking forward to the new gallery opening in the autumn. The things that were made were amazing and imaginative and the rain even stopped as we had a parade to the Bottle of Notes to show off what we had made.”

Storage space at Mima is being turned into a permanent gallery to display its international collection of more than 200 adornments, classed as one of the best in the UK.

It includes work by Ted Noten, Gijs Bakker, Karl Fritsch, Wendy Ramshaw, Otto Künzli and Felieke van der Leest and it will show off up to 100 pieces from the collection at any one time.