A SHORT-term solution has been found to concerns about bus services in parts of the Yorkshire Dales.

North Yorkshire County Council has replaced a scheduled bus service in Swaledale and Wensleydale with a demand responsive service operated by the Little White Bus for an initial three month period.

Residents feared they would be stranded when it was announced that the services would be cut as part of changes to services across the county.

The service will be available six days a week for the initial trial period, with the hope that residents’ needs will be reassessed during that time.

Upper Dales county councillor John Blackie said: “I am pleased that the council has taken this action to address local concerns.

“Demand responsive services are already provided very successfully for other Wensleydale communities and we need to have some detailed discussions with communities affected by the changes to ensure that we can meet essential access needs in the long term in a cost effective way.”

County councillor Chris Metcalfe added: “The service changes we introduced are an essential part of the county council’s financial strategy.

“While I am pleased that we have been able to address people’s worries, we have to recognise that this type of demand responsive service is going to be an important part of how we will provide public and community transport in the future.”