A TEN year old girl was rescued after she fell and gashed her leg while out walking in Guisborough Woods on Sunday.

Cleveland Mountain Rescue were called out by North East Ambulance Service to help the Saltburn girl, who was with a family group out enjoying the weekend sunshine in Guisborough when she tripped, gashed her leg and injured her knee.

The girl was unable to walk and was stretchered on to one of the Rescue Team's Land Rovers to be taken out of the woods to an ambulance waiting on the road at Hutton Lane. She was taken to James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough for treatment.

Eighteen volunteers from Mountain Rescue responded to the call-out.

Barry Warrington, Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team spokesman, said: "The little girl had been walking on one of the main paths through the woods so we were able to get a Land Rover relatively close to her and after a short stretcher we were able to get her in the Land Rover and on her way to hospital.”