FIREFIGHTERS have launched an investigation into a blaze – at their own training centre.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said four crews were called to a fire at its Easingwold base at 4pm on Thursday (May 15), which destroyed the roof of the building.

It said firefighters wore breathing apparatus and removed tiles from the building to get the fire in building, which is used to train officers to deal with smoky conditions, under control.

About 12 trainee firefighters were being trained at the centre, but nobody was inside the building at the time of the blaze or hurt in the incident.

It is understood the cost of repairing the damage will run into thousands of pounds.

Group manager Carl Boasman said: "We've been doing this every day for ten years and this is the first time the building's caught fire."

The blaze comes six months after the brigade tackled at Ripon fire station, in which a fire engine and equipment were damaged.