A MUSEUM has created bags of fun for toddlers and children to use when exploring the facility’s grounds.

After the popularity of its indoor Toddle Trail, the education team at the Bowes Museum, in Barnard Castle, has launched an outdoor backpack aimed at young children.

The lightweight, compact bag features an owl, frog, bee or ladybird design and the smaller ladybird packs have reins on the back, for smaller toddlers aged up to two.

They contain an Explore Outdoors toddle trail booklet, binoculars, crayons, a clear plastic collecting bag, a ladybird or bee torch, a finger puppet bird, magnifying glass, colour paddle and coloured paper.

A museum spokeswoman said: “The new packs complement the popular indoor Toddle Trail, which is designed for parents and toddlers visiting the museum, enabling them to look for specific objects and learn some interesting facts about them."

The bags are available for a refundable £5 deposit.