A RESCUE and rehabilitation centre for wild animals is appealing for donations to create a new treatment room and fund an ambulance following a surge in the number of casualties.

The Wildlife Haven, which is run by mother and daughter Krista and Lauren Langley, said it had outgrown the treatment room at their Thirsk home, where 40 out of the 80 the animals they are caring for are being nursed.

Mrs Langley said they had raised £6,000 of the £10,000 it would cost to convert and equip their large garage through donations.

The new treatment room will feature improved facilities for the casualties, which could be brought to the centre, which is open 24 hours a day all year round, without people coming into their home.

She said: “We have been here for six years and each year we take in more and more, partly because more people are becoming aware of us.

“Since opening we have taken in almost 4,000 wild animals from across Yorkshire and the North East of England, but we need more space where we do all the intensive work.”

Mrs Langley said the non-profit organisation was also looking for £5,000 match funding for a grant from cosmetics firm Lush for an animal ambulance to replace their ageing car.

She said after the car broke down on a recent call-out for an injured heron, it had become apparent they needed a reliable 4x4 vehicle that was large enough to treat an adult male deer in.

Mrs Langley said: “We have been unable to go to some casualties as the car is unreliable and it’s stressful trying to administer first aid at the side of the road.”

Among those backing the fundraising drive is former Northallerton College student and artist Aaminah Snowdon, who is donating £30 from each £60 sale of her latest hedgehog print called Looking Sharp.

The 23-year-old said: “I see a lot of injured animals by the side of the road, and while we get access to healthcare, for animals it is a case of living or dying, so the work of The Wildlife Haven is vital.”

For details about the artworks visit aaminahsnowdon.co.uk and to donate to The Wildlife Haven visit thewildlifehaven.org or call 01845-526567.