AN RSPCA inspector says the state of a dog found wandering near a North Yorkshire town is the worst he has encountered in ten years in the job.

It was found roaming around the outskirts of Northallerton with a possible broken jaw, eye infection, a severe parasitic infection which had caused it to lose its hair.

It was so underweight, the dog’s vertebrae could be seen.

RSPCA deputy chief inspector for North Yorkshire and Cleveland area, John Lawson said the adult, male dog was receiving treatment.

“I’ve done this job ten years and this dog is in the worse state I’ve ever seen,” he said.

“We don’t know if that’s some kind of abuse or another dog has caused it, or if it has hunted for an animal and suffered its injury that way.”

Mr Lawson said they received a call on Saturday, May 3, to reports of a dog roaming the fields in West Harlsey, on the outskirts of Northallerton.

He said it was immediately clear the dog had been neglected and the RSPCA took it to a veterinary practice where it is still receiving treatment.

It is believed that the Patterdale-type dog, which did not have a microchip or collar, may have been use in illegal hunting.

“It was in a horrendous state but still really excited when shown affection. It was difficult to get a photograph of it because it was wagging its tail and jumping around.”

The RSPCA are still investigating the case and are not yet looking to rehome the dog.

Anyone who recognises the dog, or who may have other information, should contact Mr Lawson on; 0300 1234 999.