A VINTAGE mobile temperance bar is set to stay hitched to the North-East wedding industry after offering his range of non-alcoholic drinks at a marriage celebration for the first time.

Billingham-based bar owner Steven Philip Brown said his traditionally brewed cordials proved popular with guests at the wedding of Leti Hawthorne and Tim Alderson, at the Quaker Meeting House, in Osmotherley, near Northallerton.

A number of such bars were established by the Temperance Society in the late 19th Century to promote abstinence from alcohol.

Mr Brown said guests had particularly enjoyed his elderflower and bramley apple cordial and dandelion and burdock drinks.

He said: “A lot of people were happy with the nostalgic flavours and the look of the bar.

“Although I’m not a teetotaller, having a more interesting choice of non-alcoholic refreshments at events is a great way to make non-drinkers and drivers feel part of the fun.”