YOUNG Conservatives have refused to answer whether a controversial social event, in which members attempt to replicate William Hague’s claim of drinking 14 pints of beer in a day, passed off smoothly.

Before the drinking marathon, the University of York Conservative and Unionist Association was branded “totally irresponsible” for organising the event, which followed three young people drowning in the city's rivers at the end of nights out this year.

The mother of Megan Roberts, who drowned in the River Ouse in January, said she had felt quite frustrated by the event.

Jackie Roberts said: "Having just lost my daughter, I find it quite upsetting. I feel it's insensitive."

City of York councillor Tracey Simpson-Laing said: "As taxpayer-aware political activists, these students should pay a visit to A&E and see how much this kind of fun is costing the taxpayer every week. "

The Hagueathon, named after the Richmond MP, challenges students to drink 14 pints of beer or cider, or ten large glasses of wine in 12 hours, but organisers said it was not compulsory.

While Conservative leader in 2000, Mr Hague admitted drinking up to 14 pints of beer a day as a teenager.

A York Tories spokesman said: “If successful, as well as glory, riches and a place in York Tories' history, at midnight you'll be presented with a gold(ish) medal at the top of Clifford's Tower to mark your efforts.”

After the event, one of its organisers declined to say how many people attended or if anyone had been ill.

A spokesman for Mr Hague said: “It seems to have entered the lexicon as a tongue-in-cheek expression, which we expect and hope is the way it is being used in this context.”