Preacher's son convicted following terrifying sex attacks

1:57pm Sunday 4th May 2014

A PREACHER’S son who became a serial sex beast dubbed The Big Bad Wolf, is facing life behind bars after being convicted of a string of terrifying attacks on women in the region.

David Thompson was arrested last October after kidnapping a 21-year-old university student as she walked home from a Halloween party in York dressed as a zombie.

Teesside Crown Court heard how the cocaine-snorting ju jitsu expert grabbed her from behind in a head lock and threatened to "snap her neck" if she made a sound.

The 37-year-old married man dragged her to his white Transit van and hurled her across the front seats, telling her: "You've got two options. You can give me what I want and tell no one what's happened. Or tonight is the night you die."

He then raped the screaming girl three times before driving her 20 miles to Malton and talking to her until dawn about his Jamaican background and marriage problems.

The woman told the jury: "He said his father was a pastor and would turn in his grave. He liked to think of himself as a gangster."

She jumped out of his van at a red light when they got back to York and ran into a retired policeman who had been taking his dog for a morning walk.

After his arrest, three more victims came forward accusing Thompson of offences dating back to 2009.

One 25-year-old found Thompson standing over her bed with his trousers undone just hours before his attack on the student.

She screamed and her male flatmate ran into the room naked with a baseball bat, thinking they were being burgled.

Thompson was ordered out the house, where he had been spending the night on a friend's couch - then went prowling the streets for sex in his van.

Thompson had tried to rape another woman in the summer of 2013 - but had been unable to get his victim out of her zip-up onesie.

Prosecutor Shaun Dodds said: "He said he had a problem with sex and was not getting it with his wife and that was why he was looking for it elsewhere."

Thompson, of Hospital Fields Road in Fulford, York, denied nine charges, including three of rape, one of attempted rape and one of kidnap.

But he was convicted after an eight day trial and will be sentenced tomorrow (Tuesday, May 6).

Judge Michael Taylor told Thompson his crimes were the gravest kind of rape.

The only decision for him was whether to jail Thompson for up to 25-28 years or give him a life sentence.

Speaking after the case, Detective Chief Inspector Maria Taylor, who led the North Yorkshire Police investigation, praised the victims.

“Had it not been for their courage and that of the witnesses to come forward and work the police, the conviction of Thompson would have been all the more difficult,” she said.

“I would like to extend my personal gratitude to them.”


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