A CHILDREN’s centre has forged a special partnership to bring a credit union to local people in the Parkfield area of Stockton.

The Sunrise Children’s Centre on Yarm Road has launched a weekly session to make Tees Credit Union’s community banking services available in the heart of the community.

Volunteers are staffing the service which is already being promoted to nearly 1,000 local parents, carers and children who regularly use the Sunrise Children’s Centre.

Labour ward councillor David Rose, who worked with Tees Credit Union and the Sunrise Centre to bring the initiative together, said: “It is vital to do everything possible to offer people an alternative to the payday lenders, legal and illegal loan sharks and pawn shops who are profiting from people in most need via their outrageous and unfair interest rates.”

Sunrise Children’s Centre community development worker Lindsey Brown said: “Our aim is to be at the heart of the community in every way, and responsive to the needs of local people. Access to fair financial services - including for people who may not have or be able to open a bank account - is vital to help them manage their finances. We hope many local people will benefit.”

The credit union, at Stockton Council-run Sunrise Children’s Centre, Yarm Road, Stockton, is open in a special secure room on Thursdays, 1pm - 1.30pm.

For further details call 01642-753517, email Info@teescreditunion.co.uk or visit www.teescreditunion.co.uk