TWO wheelchair users who lost touch after bonding over their shared difficulties on a crowded train have been re-united by The Northern Echo.

Colin ‘Doc’ Robinson, who lives in Queensland, Australia, contacted The Northern Echo for help in tracking down a man he knew only as Ian whom he met on the Edinburgh to London train last August.

Mr Robinson, an ex-forces paramedic who was seriously injured in Afghanistan, said Ian alighted with his wife at Darlington and although he gave him his email address, he never heard from him again.

He said he was “devastated” by this because the pair had gotten on so well.

After publishing a Tracer article online, Ian Lawson contacted The Northern Echo to say he was “so pleased” that Mr Robinson had been in touch.

He said he that Mr Robinson’s email address had not saved properly on his phone and he had tried to track him down through various means – including by searching through the Aussie Veterans group online.

Thanks to The Northern Echo article, the pair now have each others’ contact details to enable them to resume their unexpected friendship.