A FRESH reminder has been issued to residents of Hartlepool that they can check details of future refuse and recycling collections via a new on-line calendar.

The days of the week on which residents’ bins are usually emptied remain the same, and the purpose of the calendar is to inform residents which of their refuse and recycling bins/containers – green, brown or grey bin or blue box – will be emptied on a particular date.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s environmental projects officer Kate Ainger said: “The previous calendar which was attached to residents’ grey bins, ended on March 31 this year and the information it contains is now out of date.

“This calendar should be disposed of. Anyone wanting to check which of their refuse or recycling bins/containers will be collected on a particular date in the future should refer to the new on-line calendar.”

The reminder follows apparent confusion amongst some residents about the impact of the recent Easter holiday weekend on refuse/recycling collection arrangements.

The calendar which covers the period from April 1 -March 31 next year can be accessed at www.hartlepool.gov.uk/bincalendars