A FILM-MAKER aiming to raise £7,000 to finish off a documentary about life on a County Durham sheep farm has nearly reached her fundraising target.

Earlier this month, Magali Pettier, a former fellow of Teesside University's DigitalCity, appealed for help to raise the money needed to complete her four-year project, during which she spent 18-months filming tenant farmers Tom and Kay Hutchinson and their three children, on Bail Hill Farm, at Forest in Teesdale.

Independent film-maker Ms Pettier, was has 60 hours of footage to edit into a 60 to 80-minute documentary, entitled Addicted To Sheep, hopes to screen the finished piece at national and international film festivals.

After offering a series of pledges in return for donations, 64 people donated £2,774 towards the cause and the Heart of Teesdale Partnership and Heritage Lottery Fund donated £3,500, leaving £726 to be raised before the end of April.

Ms Pettier thanked everyone who had donated and said: “We are delighted with the generous response and goodwill towards the campaign.

“We are even closer to reaching our goal than we thought possible at this stage.”

It is hoped the documentary will be completed by mid-July.

To donate, visit addictedtosheep.com/supportus or e-mail magali@provenancefilms.com.