MOTORISTS are being warned to keep their doors locked as they travel after two bag snatches from cars at traffic lights in Middlesbrough.

On Wednesday afternoon (April 16) two males carried out a series of offences in the area of Marton Road and James Cook University Hospital.

Initially, police believed they were responsible for stealing bicycles from the grounds of the hospital.

However, the two males have since targeted members of the public whilst stationary at traffic lights outside the hospital on Marton Road and stolen a bag from the passenger seat.

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: “In both instances, the motorcycle approached the target vehicle whilst it was stationary at traffic lights.

"The passenger then got off the motorcycle and approached and opened the passenger door of the car, he then snatched personal possessions from the passenger seat. Both males then made off on the motorcycle.

“On one of the two reported occasions, the target vehicle has contained young children who have been caused great distress by what occurred.”

The men are described as one wearing a vivid blue helmet and the other wearing a red helmet. Both are believed to be in their late teens to early twenties and are of medium build.