A UNIQUE evening's entertainment of live painting and music will take place at Durham Cathedral.

The Animotion Show will feature Russian-born Teesdale-based artist Maria Rud, who will create artwork inspired by a range of musicians including percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie and DJ/producer Dolphin Boy.

The audience will follow progress through the projection of her work onto the walls of Durham Cathedral's cloisters by artist Ross Ashton.

Ms Rud, who spends much time based in Middleton-in-Teesdale, said: “Painting is very disconnected with the public – people simply see it in a museum or gallery.

“I have had an affinity with music all my life and find music and painting inseparable.

“This show brings painting, music and video mapping together and even involves the architecture of the cathedral cloisters, which is very exciting.

“The cloisters have not been used for performance before.”

The Animotion Show was launched by Ms Rud and Dame Evelyn in 2012 and had been developed from an experiment.

A pilot show was staged at Cambridge Observatory before it was performed before a capacity audience at St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh.

“A lot of it will be improvisation. When you hear the music, images come to you,” said Ms Rud, who studied fine art from the age of seven and has exhibited widely across Europe since 1991.

“Sound is much faster than painting, so images come very quickly and you paint as fast as you can – it's quite exciting.”

Each painting and music sequence lasts between five and ten minutes with a painting produced after each piece.

The Animotion Show takes place at Durham Cathedral Cloisters on Easter Monday evening, starting at 8.30pm.

For ticket details go to galadurham.co.uk