TWO men who posed as plain-clothes police officers are now being hunted by the real thing.

The pair were involved in two suspicious incidents in the area of the Marygate car-park in York at about 5pm on Monday, April 7.

They approached a woman and held her by the arm and told her that she was under arrest – but when they were challenged by a member of the public, they let her go and headed towards Bootham.

At around the same time both the men approached a man and again claimed to be police officers.

The victims and witnesses said that they believed both the men had been drinking.

Both men were in their late teens or early twenties and had short brown hair. One was wearing a blue T-shirt and black tracksuit bottoms. The second was wearing an orange T-shirt and a black cardigan.

Police Sergeant Michael Brocken said: “I would like to reassure the public that we treat incidents of people posing as police officers extremely seriously.

“A genuine plain clothes officer will always identify themselves by presenting their warrant cards. If you are still concerned about the officer’s identity, please contact the force control room.”

Any witnesses are asked to contact York police on 101 and ask for Michael Brocken. Alternatively, information can be emailed to or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.