TWO unusual Easter chicks will be making their debut on the world stage tomorrow (Tuesday, April 7).

New arrivals, Donk and Didge – a pair of four-week-old baby emus - will be appearing in their first ever display at Kirkleatham Owl Centre.

But these are no ordinary chicks. Resembling baby dinosaurs, they were hatched from eggs heavier than 1lb and now stand over a foot tall.

Volunteer Natalie Winner, can’t get over the chaos they cause.

She said: ''They run, jump, throw themselves on the floor - they even roll on their backs with their legs in the air! It’s all very un- bird-like and very comical.''

The display, which is due to start at 2.30pm, includes a variety of birds, including a grey owl called Atlas, a burrowing owl called Goliath and a Carcara falcon who answers to the name of Stanley.

As well as the fun, the centre hopes that the event will also provide an opportunity to learn more about these unusual creatures, as the display includes a talk about how emus evolved as flightless birds.