SHE'S called Little Bo Peep and there's no wonder really.

At just ten inches tall and weighing only four pound two ounces, she is dwarfed by blooming daffodils and sits comfortably in a set of kitchen scales.

Bo Peep is smallest of three lambs, born on Friday (MARCH 28) at Doe Park Farm in Cotherstone, County Durham.

After being separated from her siblings, for fear of being pushed out, Bo Peep is kept warm under a heat lamp and is fed through a bottle.

She appears tiny in comparison to an average sized lamb.

Alison Lamb, 43, and her husband Stephen, 49, own the farm in rural Teesdale, County Durham.

Mrs Lamb, who is mother to Emily, six, said: "We have had about 300 lambs so far and Bo Peep is by far the smallest one we have ever had.

"Stephen, my husband, was helping the ewe have the babies when he come over and told my daughter and there was a really tiny lamb.

"We went over to have a look and were surprised by how small and feisty she was.

"She is doing really well, she is still in her little heat box but she has been out meeting a few other sheep.

"When she is bigger she will go in with the other lambs. She can't at the moment as she is too small and they will push her out.

"She gets special treatment, most people who see her are shocked by how small she is."