FUNDRAISING continues this weekend for a multi-million pound steam locomotive which will be built in Darlington.

The P2 Steam Locomotive Company wants to build Gresley class P2 engine, number 2007, Prince of Wales, at Darlington Locomotive Works.

About £350,000 has already been raised towards the estimated £5m total cost of the project.

More than 150 ‘covenantors’ have already signed up to help pay for the project, at a cost of £10 per month.

A roadshow giving details of the scheme visits the Dolphin Centre, in Darlington, on Saturday (April 5), at 11am.

The presentation is open to all interested in helping make the locomotive a reality.

Members of the team behind the project to build Britain’s most powerful steam locomotive will present the background to the project, the history of the class since lost to time, the plan to build Prince of Wales and how members of the public can help pledge their support.

Delegates are invited to register on the project website in advance at