A SCHOOL for boys living with behavioural and educational problems has launched a fundraising drive to fund a new multi-sport pitch to encourage students to take part in a wide range of activities.

Breckenbrough School, in Sandhutton, Thirsk, specialises in education for boys between nine and 19 with Aspergers, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or Autism Spectrum Disorder, and for some education is challenging.

One of the school’s most effective programmes is its outdoor education programme where pupils are able to take part in physical activity while remaining in control of their own personal space and outcomes.

The school has found traditional sport has been an ancillary subject as many Autistic pupils struggle with the concept of fitness or team sports, but it wants to improve.

Sue Jones, school bursar, said: “We are very excited to have this opportunity to develop the multisport facility.

“The possibilities for our pupils are huge. Not only will it be used for curriculum lessons, but to have somewhere the boys can go to let off steam and regroup is real benefit.

“We will be able to grow on the current interest of basketball, football and tennis. Sensory awareness is a constant consideration for us and the ability for pupils to play on a man-made surface as opposed to grass or earth is a hugely encouraging factor in taking part.”

The school is holding a live music night on Friday, April 4 with the Big Band from Keighley, with a pie and pea supper and prizes which will be auctioned during the evening.

Tickets are available from 01845-587238 or office@breckenbrough.org.uk.