NEW faces will be patrolling the streets as 27 new police officers join the ranks of the North Yorkshire force.

The probationary officers are ready for action following a passing out ceremony held at police headquarters in Newby Wiske – and another 28 have just begun their initial training course.

The new officers have successfully completed their intensive 17-week course which included law, personal safety, search techniques, public order, first aid and a local community placement.

They also undertook a considerable amount of home study as part the course to qualify for the Certificate of Knowledge in Policing.

The county’s Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan said: “Before I came into office, the former police authority had determined to reduce the number of police officers serving in North Yorkshire Police to reduce costs.

“When I consulted over the Police and Crime Plan, the message that came across loudest and clearest is that North Yorkshire’s public wants bobbies on the beat to keep communities safe.

“That was one reason why, shortly after coming into office, I and the Chief Constable reversed the police authority’s decision and North Yorkshire Police is now increasing its officer numbers as other forces are shrinking theirs.”

The 27 new recruits will now start work on the beat under the guidance of their tutor constables for 15 weeks. After that, they will be able to patrol alone, but will be monitored and assessed during the rest of their probationary period. After two years they will be certified as fully fledged police officers.