ONE of the North-East’s best known, up-and-coming pop bands went back to the classroom today (Friday, March 28).

Stockton folk and pop band Cattle and Cane, who have won airplay on Radio 2 and have a recording contract, performed to the children at Layfield Primary School in Yarm.

The band, made up of three members of the Hammill family and drummer Tom Chapman, went on to write a song with the year six children which will be made available online.

Helen Owen, headteacher at the school, explained that Tom Chapman comes in to teach recorder, but with the band taking off he will no longer be able to commit to the lessons in future.

He decided to do something special with the children and three of the band members came in.

Mrs Owen said: “It was really excellent. They came in at 9am and we had the whole school in the hall and they sang and, once the younger ones left, had a question and answer session with the children.

"Year six had already decided they wanted to write a song about being best friends and the band broke them up into groups and did really good work with all of them.

“The children took a lot from it, how music is different live, but also how they can have confidence to compose and perform. The band said how they started learning instruments at school and performing in the school talent show, just like them. It was a really great day.”

A link to the children’s song will eventually be posted on the band’s website at