A KIND-HEARTED policeman has stepped in to help replace stolen potted plants lovingly tended by a pensioner.

PC Tony Young of Darlington Police admired the way that 86-year-old Jean Kirby invested her time and money into creating attractive floral displays on the street around her residential complex in Darlington.

He noticed that the number of pots had gradually diminished over the years as thieves stole them and he decided to do something to help.

PC Young contacted B&Q who agreed to provide him with five new planters and sufficient plants to fill them, and today (Friday, March 28) he presented the goods to an overwhelmed Mrs Kirby.

PC Young said: “There were a few tears; she couldn’t believe that somebody had thought about her and done that for her.

“I suppose it is one of the pleasanter sides of this job, putting a smile on someone’s face.

“I did it because I suppose I was upset by the fact that she invests a few of her pension pennies into doing things like that and somebody comes along and decides they want to take it away from her.”

PC Young thanked B&Q for their donation.