A MOTHER has thanked a police officer after he saved her baby’s life while on patrol.

Ruth Travis’s baby Harry had gone limp in her arms at their home on Saturday and she ran outside panic-stricken with him in her arms to get help.

Luckily PC Tony Morton was passing in a marked police car and stopped.

He said: “When I saw baby Harry my heart sank, he was floppy, grey, his lips had turned blue and his eyes had rolled into the back of his head.

“I checked for a pulse but there was none, and I was aware there is very little time before brain damage starts to occur due to lack of oxygen, and knew I could not wait for an ambulance.”

He gave mouth to mouth and chest massage which revived Harry.

PC Morton added: “After a few breaths his eyes started to move and he miraculously began breathing on his own.

“I was amazed at how quickly he came round and within a few minutes he was wearing my yellow woolly hat and was wrapped in my police jacket.”

Ms Travis, of Selby, North Yorkshire, said : “I thought he was dead, although I am first aid trained, I was in shock and my first thought was to get help.

"I'm very grateful to Tony and I feel very lucky that he was there at the right time."

Harry, who had just celebrated his first birthday, was rushed to York District Hospital where it was found that he had suffered a fit caused by a high fever. He is now fit and well and back at home.