A REVIEW of firearms licences is being carried out by Cleveland Police as they reveal there are more 9,000 weapons registered in the force area.

The review, which is expected to take a number of months, is part of the force’s aim to ensure that all individuals with firearms licences have been issued with them in accordance with current legislation and guidance.

There are just under 4,000 firearms licences held by people in Cleveland.

Inspector Mick Robson said: “Our aim is to reassure the people of Cleveland that we take our responsibilities in terms of protecting the public from danger extremely seriously.

“We are conducting the review to ensure that each and every individual that currently holds a firearms licence is suitable to do so. In light of recent incidents around the country, we also need to ensure that our processes are robust and fit for purpose.”

The firearms licensing process involves a medical check of the applicant, a home security check and taking up references.

A licence holder must apply to renew their licence every five years and a further home security visit must take place before a decision is made on whether or not the renewal application has been successful.

In addition, when an incident occurs involving a licence holder, an assessment of their suitability to remain a licence holder is carried out.