GOVERNORS who resigned en-masse from a North Yorkshire school have lodged a complaint with the Department for Education.

The former governing body at Richmond School has also contacted Ofsted after its relationship with senior teachers at the school broke down.

Although details of the complaint are unknown, Anne Skeoch, former chair of the governing body, confirmed documents had been submitted.

The development comes after North Yorkshire County Council announced an interim executive board of governors had been appointed to run the school.

The authority said the previous governing body led by Mrs Skeoch had failed to make changes in governance and embrace a new strategic approach, which included working with other schools to raise standards.

In response, Mrs Skeoch chose not to respond directly to the criticism.

Instead she said: “It's a pity that the elected members of North Yorkshire County Council seem so incurious, and feel there are no lessons to learn from the events and circumstances leading up to the Full Governing Body resignation at Richmond School.

“However, full documentation has now been sent to both Ofsted and, via William Hague, to the Department of Education.”

Mrs Skeoch said she would like to thank former colleagues on the governing body for their hard work and commitment.

“It has been my privilege to work with you all. We send our very best wishes for the future to both the school and its students,” she added.

Richmond county councillor Stuart Parsons said he was determined to get to the bottom of the saga.

“I can assure everyone that at least three Richmondshire county councillors are exceedingly curious and determined to discover what has happened.

“The local authority is not willing to share very much with us and we do have to abide by their confidentiality clauses, but we are digging and will continue to dig.”

Commenting on the formation of the new interim executive board, Mr Parsons said he was concerned it did not contain any parents, staff or local councillors.

He said three county councillors, including himself, had volunteered to sit on the board.