A BROTHER and sister are challenging the North-East to get fit, lose weight and help disadvantaged children.

Michael Kirkbride and his sister, Michelle, are urging people to either lose 10lbs or gain 10lbs of lean muscle in return for providing food for an underprivileged child.

The challenge is run by Body Bi Vi, a weight loss initiative which combines meal replacement milkshakes with a healthy diet and exercise.

For every 10lb a customer loses, they donate 30 meals to a needy child.

Miss Kirkbride, 30, initially took up the challenge early last year after being told by doctors she was putting her health at risk if she didn’t lose weight.

Through a combination of diet and exercise and meal replacement milkshakes she dropped from almost 15 stone to 13 stone, and challenged her brother - who at his heaviest weighed 16 stone - to follow suit.

Since the start of the year, the 25-year-old, of Haven Gardens, Darlington, has lost more than a stone and is now urging others to do the same.

He said: “When I lost my first 10lbs I felt absolutely brilliant. My nickname at school was Chunk and I was often picked on. 

"The thought that you are not only losing weight but helping a child in need really spurs you on.

“I was surprised how easy it was. I want to challenge the whole of Darlington to do it and get healthy and take weight off the town.”

Through the initiative the pair can nominate a local charity to send the meals to.

To nominate a charity, or for more information, visit wearethechallenge.co.uk or email michael@wearethechallenge.co.uk