EXPERTS have launched a new venture to lead the construction world through the bewildering array of technology that is transforming the industry.

Architects Simon Crowe and Johnathan Munkley have secured positions as leaders in the field of BIM – Building Information Management – that is sweeping the profession.

The director and BIM manager, respectively, of Darlington-based Niven Architects have launched a new venture, BIM Strategy Ltd, to inform private and public sector professionals and help them to avoid pitfalls and unnecessary expense.

Building Information Management uses state of the art computer software to provide a single set of three dimensional plans for building projects of all sizes. It is pioneering in its approach to design and project procurement.

The system offers one electronic point of reference containing vital information for the many consultants and contractors working on a scheme, ranging from wall sockets to wiring ducts, drainage, materials and dimensions.

The BIM model sits in the ‘cloud’ and is accessible, via the internet, replacing conventional plans and computer aided design.

Because the model contains all relevant details of the scheme it allows for more accurate costs, helps with ordering materials and results in less waste.

Mr Munkley said: “It has taken us a significant period of time and investment to get to this point and we have learnt an enormous amount about what does and does not work.

“BIM is the future; it’s the way forward and the Government is demanding compliancy by 2016 in all public sector projects.”

The new service is expected to attract interest from construction consultants, contractors, developers, local authorities, educational establishments and product suppliers.

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