A wildlife haven is caring for three baby bunnies saved by big hearted roadworkers who dug up their warren while working on the new A1 motorway.

The rabbit kittens were taken to The Wildlife Haven Rescue Centre in Thirsk by an environmental adviser for the contractors after workers realised they had unknowingly wrecked their home while carrying out clearing work near Catterick.

“They were lucky they were found,” said Krista Langley who helped daughter Lauren set up the centre.

“And they did right bringing them to us, once the warren was destroyed the mother probably wouldn’t have gone back.

“They should be alright , we do get quite a lot of baby rabbits , some years fifty or more. But with other orphans it’s always best to take advice, people can always contact us if they want help.”

They’re particularly concerned about people taking in fox cubs and young hares.

“We receive numerous calls every year from people who have hand-reared fox cubs and six months down the line don't want them any more” said Lauren Langley.

“Wild animals do not make good pets. Fox cubs may be very cute when they are young but can become unmanageable as they grow older.

“Often, these imprinted animals are unable to be re-released and so rescue centres are left with the decision to either have them put to sleep or condemn them to a life in captivity.

“We would urge people to call us, or another experienced rescue centre, for advice if they find a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal."

The wildlife haven can be contacted through www.thewildlifehaven.org www.facebook.com/thewildlifehaven or ring 01845 526567 / 07772 871833