CAMPAIGNERS battling to stop plans for a new quarry on 500 acres of farmland in North Yorkshire are forming an action group warning it will bring untold misery for residents. But consultants say their concerns are premature.

The site, on the edge of the village of Scruton, between Northallerton and Bedale, is included in a new consultation document for possible mineral sites across North Yorkshire.

Consultants Hughes-Craven have registered the quarry site on behalf of four local landowners.

The area stretches from the A1 north of Leases Hall round Roughley Corner, the Wensleydale Railway, Hamhall Lane and Scruton Grange.

Local people say a similar scheme in 2008 was abandoned after opposition, they’re now planning to campaign to stop any new development.

One resident who asked not to be named said:”We feel really strongly about this, the area they’re looking at is very attractive farmland, the surrounding countryside is used for walking, riding and cycling. This is not the place for a quarry, it would cause untold misery for people in this area, several properties would be surrounded on three sides.

“There are also concerns about traffic and how lorries would get in and out of the site. The worst thing is there seems no reason for this, looking at the quarries and mineral sites that are already planned across North Yorkshire, this would not be needed. We are determined to fight this.”

Consultant Gary Hughes of Hughes Craven said there was no plan at this stage and they were simply registering the interest.

"We are making representations with the county council saying there is mineral there, whether we will bring an application in the future is far from decided. That could depend on the market and the environment, it is not a firm proposal at the moment.”

The county council say they’re presenting the potential sites to provide an early indication to communities and other interested parties of locations known to be of interest to developers or landowner.

It’s part of the consultation for the waste and mineral strategy up to 2030, comments must be submitted by Friday April 11, information is available on