A COUNCILLOR has claimed success in persuading the authorities to clean up graffiti in a beauty spot.

Coun Andrew Sherris was featured in The Northern Echo last week telling of his disappointment that the Environment Agency (EA) would not clear graffiti on flood defences by Yarm railway viaduct.

However a solution now appears to be found after the EA agreed to supply materials to Probation Service.

The idea is for criminals ordered to do community work to use the cleaning equipment and clear up the eyesore. Stockton Borough Council’s Care for Your Area team will also be involved in improving the riverside spot.

Coun Sherris, Stockton Borough councillor for Yarm, said: “This is a fantastic area along the river and we want it to remain so to encourage both our residents and visitors to the town. 

“It`s important to maintain standards and keep the area looking at its best.”