A MAN who kicked a police officer claimed he was trying to save her from a dog attack.

Darlington Magistrates Court heard yesterday (Thursday, March 6) that Mark Steven Errington had taken an overdose of paracetamol following an argument with his partner on Sunday February 23.

Emergency services were called after Errington – of Westminster Road, Darlington – phoned his father and told him about the overdose.

Police arrived at the scene to find Errington refusing to be treated by paramedics. Officers agreed to take him to his parents’ house for moral support before taking him to hospital.

However, once Errington arrived there, he became agitated and apparently lashed out at one of the officers.

Prosecutor John Garside said: “He climbed out of the police car and ran to the front door shouting and swearing.

“He went to kick the door and shouted at his mother for calling the police.

“A PC approached him and tried to cuff him but a struggle ensued.

“One arm was cuffed but he continued to struggle and kicked out, kicking her in the shin.”

Sam Brewster, mitigating, told magistrates Errington had not meant to harm the officer and had been trying to stop the family dog from attacking her.

He said: “The family dog, a small terrier, was jumping up agitated by what was going on and trying to bite the police officer.

“The defendant went to kick the dog away but kicked the officer instead.

“He apologised straight away and repeated that apology later.”

Errington. 28. was fined £255, made to pay £50 compensation to the officer, costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £20.