A CAMERA car has recorded an increase in the number of cases of illegal and inconsiderate parking outside schools.

Hartlepool Borough Council introduced the car in 2011 and use it to record cases of bad parking. In 2012 there were 463 cases of illegal and inconsiderate parking but that rose to 542 in 2013.

A council spokesman said: “Almost all schools are reported to have issues of some sort despite the best efforts of Hartlepool Council, including the introduction of a camera car using the latest Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, to clampdown on offending vehicles.”

Paul Watson, Hartlepool Council’s Road Safety Officer, said: “By creating a perception that areas outside of schools are unsafe, illegal and inconsiderate parking can grow into an even bigger problem as more parents and carers opt to drive children to school, thinking this will keep them safe.

“We would urge families to walk to school wherever possible. It reduces congestion outside schools, it makes for good exercise and is good for the environment.”