THE grandson of one of ten brothers who served in the First World War has spoken of his pride over his ancestors’ patriotism on the centenary of them signing up to fight.

Michael Calpin, of Borrowby, near Thirsk, said the story of his grandfather, Ernest, and his nine brothers, which was used for a wartime poster campaign and has since been documented in books and the subject of university studies, would remain unique.

The brothers, of Albert Street, York, were aged between 18 and 39 when they signed up in September 1914.

After hearing of the family’s contribution to the war effort, Lord Mayor of York Henry Rhodes Brown wrote to the brothers’ parents to thank them and invited to them to a reception at the Mansion House.

In a letter to the family, Mr Rhodes Brown wrote: “It will be hard for anyone in the Empire to equal your record of ten sons all serving their country.

“York has many things to be proud of – to these must be added the wonderful patriotism of your house.”

Mr Calpin said he believed at least seven of the brothers returned from the war and that his grandfather had gone on to serve in the Second World War.