A TEENAGER who struck his victim in the face with a baseball bat, breaking his jaw in several places, is starting his first jail sentence.

Joshua Shuttleworth, 18, emerged from his home in Palm Street, Middlesbrough, after a row had erupted in the street involving another man, his friend and a number of other individuals on August 23 last year.

Sue Jacobs, prosecuting at Teesside Crown Court, said the victim had been acting as a peacemaker in the dispute when Shuttleworth struck him with the bat, causing him to fall to the ground unconscious.

Police later arrested him after finding him hiding in a wardrobe at his home.

Mrs Jacobs said the victim had to have a metal wire inserted into his jaw and could not eat solid food for six weeks.

Shuttleworth initially denied involvement, even after being picked out of a police identity parade.

However he admitted assault and having an offensive weapon on the day of his trial.

Graham Silvester said Shuttleworth's actions were part of a wider dispute in the street where he lived.

He said: “He bitterly regrets what he did. The injuries he caused were serious and he fully recognises that.”

The judge, Recorder William Lowe said Shuttleworth would serve nine months in a young offenders' institution.