FIREFIGHTERS from the region are helping their hard-pressed colleagues in the south deal with the continuing flood disaster.

High-volume pumps from across the country have been deployed to the hardest-hit areas, helping in the battle against the rising waters.

An HVP operated by the County Durham and Darlington Fire Service was sent to the south earlier this week and has been operating in the Berkshire area.

One of the service’s swift water rescie teams will also be deployed to Berkshire over the weekdn, helping where and when needed.

Deputy chief fire officer Stuart Errington said: “We are pleased that our expertise and equipment can be used to support communities and fire and rescue services in other areas of the UK when needed.

“These arrangements have been made as part of national resilience arrangements and any costs will be met by central government.

“We would like to reassure people we have another swift water rescue crew available should we need it and we are able to manage our deployments to ensure that we are covered in the event of incidents happening within our own service area.”

The North Yorkshire brigade has two high volume pumps, one in Harrogate and the other at Richmond. The latter is currently helping the flood effort in the Reading area.

High volume pumps are capable of moving over seven tonnes of water per minute and 25 of them, from all over the country, are currently involved in the flood battle in what is thought to be one of the largest deployments of fire and rescue service resources since the war.