DARLINGTON FC has extended its deadline for investment after hitting its initial £50,000 goal.

The Quakers board of directors tonight spoke of their delight that the crucial target had been achieved.

The deadline for further investments through the Square Knot website has now been put back a week from February 17 to February 24.

The club is urging all fans and local businesses which have not already taken part in the fundraising drive to sign up.

Quakers chief executive Martin Jesper said the £75,000 cash injection triggered by former player Dan Burn’s appearance for Fulham had provided “huge respite” for the club.

Together with the investments pledged already, he said it had given the club a solid financial base to address its debts and keep some money aside as it worked towards playing back in Darlington next season.

He added: “For the fans, the most exciting and tangible part of our push back to Darlington arguably now starts in earnest.

“Given the pledges made to date, every extra penny that is raised from the equity and gift reward schemes until February 24 will be put directly towards our return to Darlington, alongside any monies raised through the community interest company’s Back to Darlo fund.

“We need to come home to play our football, we need to invest in the capital infrastructure at Blackwell Meadows and we need your money to help us achieve that vision.”

The club has previously set a second target of £100,000 – above which 2.5 per cent will be donated to St Teresa’s Hospice.

“It would be wonderful to believe that the community, fans and businesses could unite and we were able to make such a donation,” Mr Jesper added.

The club said investment opportunities had been designed to appeal to the wide range of fans’ personal circumstances, with supporters able to invest anything from £100 to £7,500.

Fans can also make smaller donations.

In a separate development, the club has launched a text alert service for a fee of £10 for the rest of the season.

Forms are available from home games and Quaker Retail, in Darlington indoor market.