A grant of £50,000 has been given to Hambleton District Council to establish a two year programme to help overweight and obese adults.

The money has come through Public Health, the health and wellbeing service.

The authority will be using the money to set up an adult weight management service which supports overweight and obese adults to lose weight and learn how to maintain a healthier weight in the long term.


Piercing Byelaws: New regulations to control cosmetic piercing, semi permanent skin colouring, acupuncture, electrolysis and tattooing are to be introduced by Hambleton District Council. The authority is responsible for enforcing measures to control the industry to reduce the risk of infections . Existing regulations were approved by the council in 1986 but as piercing and tattooing are increasing in popularity the authority has agreed controls need updating .

Christmas Lights: Bedale town council agreed the date for the switch on of the town’s Christmas Lights should be 29 November 2014. Cllr Malcolm Young asked for dates for the next five years to ensure arrangements could be made in plenty of time. Councillors are looking for suggestions for people to perform the switching on ceremony.