SOME of the top computer game and animation developers in the world are in Teesside this week as part of an international festival.

Game and animation festival Animex returns to the University of Teesside today (February 10) for a week’s worth of lectures and workshops run by those on top of the gaming and animation industry.

The five-day festival has become the biggest of its kind the UK.

Festival director Gaby Kent said: “It’s been running for 15 years now and it gathers together speakers from all around the world.

“It was created to allow students to have some personal time with these speakers at the top of their field.

“It provides a family friendly atmosphere for students and speakers alike.”
The speakers involved include comic book writers from the likes of Marvel and DC Comics, as well as game developers from popular titles like Assassin Creed.

Ex Teesside students like Stephen Spalding are also getting involved in Animex.

He worked at international gaming company Ubisoft before becoming an award-winning independent developer, and Ms Kent said she couldn’t be happier to have him back.

“We loved to have students coming back to Animex and we do try to make sure to have at least one back each year.”

“It’s a huge inspiration to our existing students to say 'This is someone that was sitting where you were a few years ago' and look at them now.”


“It gets easier every year to get speakers each year because of the reputation of Animex."

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