A MAN has been ordered to pay £500 in compensation after a dog he had bought minutes earlier attacked two elderly men and badly injured another dog.

Arron Johnson admitted allowing his dog to be dangerously out of control in North Road, Darlington, on August 28 last year.

Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court today (Friday, February 7), heard how the 19-year-old, of Charles Street, Darlington, paid £80 for the female German Shepherd/Great Dane cross, called Louie after seeing it listed on the private advertising website Gumtree.

However, within minutes the dog attacked a 75-year-old man, biting him on the arm before grabbing the neck of a spaniel and hurting its 69-year-old owner.

Blair Martin, prosecuting, said Johnson felt the dog was dangerously out of control so immediately took it back to the previous owner.

Andrew Clinton, mitigating, said: “What was he (Johnson) to do. He was going to buy a dog. He wasn’t told of the nature of the dog. He paid his money and within minutes the dog has done this.

“He has pleaded guilty. He has had to. There was no other way round it. He was the owner of the dog.”

Johnson was ordered to pay compensation to the victims, comprising of a £174.16 vets bill, £25 to replace damaged clothing, £50 to each victim and £200 towards a missed holiday due to injuries sustained.

Magistrates imposed a destruction order on the dog.