PUPILS have used their creativity to brighten up their community with a colourful mural thanks to the help of a local artist.

Oxbridge Lane School successfully bid for money from Tristar Homes’ Reaching Out Area Panel to commission Liz Million to help design and paint a giant, colourful mural on the school’s exterior wall.

The idea for the mural, which is large enough to be seen by passing motorists and pedestrians, was the brain-child of the school council, which thought the mural would both improve the area and help to connect the school with the surrounding community.

Headteacher Dianne Gage said: “I am extremely proud of all the students and parents for their hard work and skill on this project. Liz has done a wonderful job of bringing out the artistic side of each child involved.

"As well as telling a story, this bespoke piece of work has given the children experience of creating a unique, beautiful and meaningful piece of art from scratch.”

The artist said: “We had a great time working on the project, and the children brought lots of fantastic ideas to the table. We wanted to create a bright and eye-catching design which reflected the school, the community and the town.

"After much deliberation, we eventually decided on a painting which included an owl emblem to reflect the school; Ropner Park, which represents the nearby local area; and ship-building, which epitomises Stockton’s industrial history.”

And Kay Glew, head of housing services at Tristar Homes, added: “The mural looks really wonderful – it is eye-catching, colourful and really brightens up the area.”