A MAN who let another person use his name to sell stolen goods has been described as “naive, immature and foolish” in court.

Luke Wright, 20, admitted handling stolen goods when he appeared at Darlington Magistrates’ Court in connection to three gold rings that were sold to a jeweller.

The court heard that the rings were among a number of items stolen from a woman when her handbag was snatched in the street.

Wright, of Elmfield Street, Darlington, was not involved in the original theft but accompanied another unidentified man to a jeweller to sell the three rings.

Jonathan Bambro, prosecuting, said the other man did not have identification with him so Wright, who had an account with the shop, allowed him to use his name and details so the £230 sale could go ahead.

Mr Bambro said: “Police were making enquiries into the stolen items and were told by the jewellers that they had bought three rings – they tracked down Wright the same day. He had £30 cash on him, which was the payment he received for letting the other man use his account.”

Graeme Hunsley, defending, said: “Trouble has very much come to his door on this occasion. He was approached outside the job centre by the man and asked if he would go along to the jewellers.

“Alarm bells should have rung then, the other man was making all the running. He simply stepped forward to facilitate the transaction. That was his mistake.”

A report from probation officer Brenda Robertson described Wright as naive, immature and foolish and added: “He says he never touched the rings, which he didn’t, but he helped the man who did.”

Magistrates ordered Wright to complete 40 hours of unpaid work and to pay compensation of £200 to the victim.