A COUNTY Durham business has agreed to invest in the Quakers as the football club bids to return to Darlington.

Industrial roofing contractor Alderclad Ltd, based in Seaham, through one of the company's owners Anthony Nevison, has pledged a sum of money to the football club to help ensure its financial stability.

Mr Nevison said: “The enthusiasm of everyone involved in the club is plain to see and with the current community based projects, as well as the on field footballing success, the end product seems to be getting there.

“Without question every single person involved with the club has a desire to move forward. We in the business community have many pressures put on us and occasionally we get the pleasure of being able to give a little back.”

The club said it was grateful to the company for its support following its launch of a new investment scheme.

For information on investing in Darlington FC, visit darlington1883.co.uk