A CINEMA which offers everything from blockbusters to art-house film has said an amendment to plans for a new cinema in Catterick Garrison is a serious threat to its viability.

The Station Cinema, Richmond, did not initially dismiss the proposal for a five-screen cinema as part of a new retail and leisure development in Richmond Road, Catterick Garrison.

But developers have now altered the plans to include seven screens with 848 seats.

Richmondshire District Council received the updated proposals on January 10 and it is currently pending consideration by the planning committee.

Cinema director Rob Younger said he feels this will be a “significant threat” to the ongoing viability of the Station Cinema, which has two screens and 100 seats.

He said: “As part of the work to develop the area around Tesco, a five screen cinema with 640 seats was proposed. The Station Cinema was consulted about the plans last year, and although concerned, decided this extra provision was acceptable, as it offered more choice to cinema-goers in the area.

“The developers have now submitted an amendment to their original plans, asking for permission to create seven screens, with a total of 848 seats. That's almost one third more than their original proposal.”

The cinema is asking for supporters to object to the proposed amendments by contacting Richmondshire District Council's planning committee by Monday, February 10, via enquiries@richmondshire.gov.uk.