I have been with EE for well over ten years and for many years I loved working for them and growing with the company, enjoying getting up in the morning and looking forward to work.

My work colleagues and I considered each other a family and there was a happy and relaxed atmosphere in the workplace.

That has all changed and it has rapidly gone downhill over that last few years, especially since they became EE and the merger with T- Mobile.

I no longer feel proud to say I work for the company and no longer sing their praises and recommend working there to my friends and family.

I have witnessed and been through a lot working for EE. Working conditions and the demands that are put on staff are a disgrace. Morale is at an all-time low and this is having a detrimental effect on job satisfaction and, ultimately, customers.

We are just a number in a seat and no-longer valued and recognised for who we are and what we give to the company.

For a company who once prided themselves on their strong values, they seem to be non-existent now.

They have a total lack of humanity and understanding of employees’ well-being and no longer take any of their employers’ personal circumstances or disabilities into account.

I feel extremely sad, almost like a relationship has broken down.