AN entrepreneur and image consultant have teamed up to tackle fashion faux-pas.

Geoff Dixon and Leah Hobson hope their online service will make colour clashes and wardrobe malfunctions a thing of the past.

Their website and app, launched last week, helps clients choose the best colours for their clothes by matching them to their eyes, skin complexion and hair.

Mr Dixon said he got the idea after his wife, Denise, visited Ms Hobson for a few style tips a couple of years ago.

Ms Hobson, who runs The Dress Agency, in Barnard Castle, said: "I would normally sit someone in front of a mirror and see how the colours would fit with them - there are a lot of combinations.

"Not everyone wants to sit in front of a mirror, so we have taken my years of knowledge online with computer generated colour analysis."

The result has been the launch of, which Mr Dixon said, had taken two years to fully develop.

Although available to anyone, Mr Dixon, of Startforth, near Barnard Castle, said he thought image-conscious men would be particularly interested.

"Men don't want to sit in front of a mirror or spend a large amount on a colour consultation," he said.

It works by asking people to click on a series to pictures to select their own eye, hair and skin colour.

The results show the best 20 colours from more than 200 options. A free app displays the swatches on smart phones making colour co-ordination easy when out shopping.

For those who prefer an alternative to the app, a wallet containing fabric swatches is available.

The service costs less than 5 - although there is an extra charge for anyone wishing to receive a wallet of fabric swatches.

Mr Dixon said he had had orders placed from as far afield as Australia and Africa.