HOUSING association staff took to the streets to warn residents of the dangers of taking out a payday loan to see them over the long gap between December and January pay days.

The Coast and Country staff also took time to highlight other forms of affordable alternatives, including credit unions, as Payday Loan Danger Day looms on Friday.

Chief executive Iain Sim and assistant chief executive Ronny Harris joined them while tenant Lauren Jolly was on hand to give her personal account of how advisors saved her from the potential misery of taking out a high interest, short-term loan.

She said: “I came very close to taking out a payday loan but the advice from the team meant that I could sort out my finances without resorting to this.

“I am very grateful and want to warn other people that there is always help out there and very high interest, short term loans are not the answer.”

Payday Loan Danger Day, January 24, is the date when people struggling to make ends meet are tempted to take out a pay day loan, according to ICM research.

Mr Sim added: “Households already are struggling to make ends meet as the price of everyday basics such as food, gas and electricity soar and the bedroom tax and other benefit cuts really start to bite.

“In January there is even more financial danger. People need to make their money last longer due to getting paid earlier than usual because of the festive break.”