A GRANDMOTHER was left with a fractured left cheekbone and a broken eye socket after an encounter with drunken thugs.

The victim was attacked by Karl Stubbs and another man after making enquiries at an address in Stockton over an incident which led to her son's mobile phone being damaged.

Rachel Masters, prosecuting, told Teesside Crown Court that the woman hoped to retrieve some missing parts from the device for her son.

But an argument ensued with the occupants of the house and she was then pushed over and attacked by two men.

Ms Masters said the woman got into a foetal position on the floor, but was kicked hard numerous times, while the contents of her handbag were also scattered over the street following a tussle with one of her attackers.

Stubbs, who was subsequently convicted of a separate assault and is currently serving a six year jail sentence, was identified by the complainant and arrested by police.

She said the incident had led to her suffering nightmares and she had also had to take time off work.

Stubbs, 21, of Doxford Walk, Middlesbrough, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm on December 22 2012.

Umza Khan, for Stubbs, said he wasn't the instigator of the attack, but was embarrassed at his involvement and wished to apologise to the court and his victim.

Judge Peter Bowers said it was a “nasty, drunken attack” on a defenceless woman. He added a further 12 months to Stubbs' current six year jail sentence.